When you read this profile, WEDO still tries its best to carry out all our activities in the desire satisfy your request in the best way. We are honored by this.

Oriented to achieve the absolute satisfaction of customer service requirements, towards the ability to provide comprehensive in the field of activity, we are always cam paigning to develop, to complete anf satisfy customer’s requestments. When you need- We have, When you want- We do, that’s why we are WEDO

From the startup- June 2003, WEDO has received a lot of help from family, friends and from out customers, WEDO always appreciate and be grateful for that. Thank you and WEDO hope to receive more help and suggestions to make our service more and more perfect

“WEDO FOR BETTER LIFE”- it’s the mind of every our member in the company and also the promise and motto of WEDO to customer.


  • Invesment consultants: Consultancy for preparation of feasibility study reports, investment reports, technical reports, project evaluation, consultancy on investment execution or investment trusts, investment links, advertising and real estate business movables
  • Construction consultants: Project management consultant, preparation of bidding documents, analysis and evaluation of bidding documents, management of investment and construction projects. Consulting design verification. Consulting structural durability test, construction inspection. Construction management consultant, construction supervision consultant. Consulting geological survey, topographic measurement.
  • Design consultants: Planning design, basic design, construction engineering design, design explanation, technical criteria, architectural design, interior design, structural design, design MEPF technical system, making preliminary estimates, detailed cost estimates of civil and industrial works.
  • Construction: Construction works, construction items, general contractor, EPC general contractor, complete construction, installation of equipment for civil, industrial. 
  • Interior construction: Supplying equipment, construction products, interior products and interior construction for civil, industrial, office, restaurant, villa, hote.
  • Consulting and developing information technology: Consulting, providing information technology products, e-commerce systems and e-commerce trading floor for construction industry enterprises.

With the potentials WEDO rapidly developed to enter the Top 5 on the Internet market with more than 10 thousand visitors 1 day, completing nearly 100 projects in one year